Mission Statement

Our mission is to document the history of the renaming of Trinkle Hall to James Farmer Hall, with emphasis on the perspectives and experiences of those involved in the renaming process.

On our site, you will find the history of James Farmer Hall, as well as biographies of both E. Lee Trinkle and James L. Farmer, Jr. We have included a photo gallery which features pictures of Farmer Hall as well as other Farmer dedications around the UMW campus. Our timeline documents the legacy that James Farmer has left on the UMW campus and focuses on the renaming process of the building. We have conducted email and audio interviews with those who were members of the Ad Hoc Renaming Committee and those who are closely tied with maintaining Dr. Farmer’s legacy here at UMW. We have also created a resource page to house James Farmer websites for you to access and learn more about his life, legacy, and time spent at the University of Mary Washington.